Behavior Consultations/Training

Are there behavior issues that you need help with?
Is your dog out of control?
Does your pet show signs of fear or anxiety?
Are there concerns with aggression, at other people or animals?

Then set up a consultation with Dr. Stevi Culverwell for help.  Dr. Stevi Culverwell has a very strong interest in behavior with dogs.  She has worked with numerous behavior issues from fear aggression,  separation anxiety, other anxieties and behavior issues.  Dr. Culverwell also works with leadership skills and the owner-dog bond to help both live together in harmony.

Do you have difficulty walking your dog?  Does your dog pull, try to chase other animals while on the walk?
Do you wish you could walk your dog with ease?  Set up a Training session with Dr. Stevi Culverwell. 

Here she is below easily walking all 3 of her dogs at the same time.

Use the form below to request a reservation or appointment or call (607) 334-4545 to make an appointment.